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Your Passport to Building Anything

At Build It Workspace, we are committed to creating a community of knowledge sharing and innovation. We provide affordable access to both traditional tools and digital manufacturing technologies.

Equipment Showcase

  • David3D Scanning

3D Scanning

David3D Scanning, Occipital 3D Scanning, Autodesk Catch

Whether using specific 3D scanning devices or cameras, Build It Workspace equipment can capture the detail that you need.  Convert a scan into a […]

  • Airwolf SoccerballHD2x_b

3D Printing

Airwolf 3D HD2X, Rostock Max v2, Makerbot, Airwolf XL

Using the latest in Fuse Deposition Modeling (FDM) 3D Printing techniques, these machines create custom designs in a few hours.  From creating […]

  • Digital Heat Press

Heat Press

Knight Digital Heat Press

The heat press from Knight has come a long way.  With temperature controls and timers, pressing transfers into shirts has never been so easy.

16in x 20in working […]

  • canon

Large Format Printing

imagePROGRAF iPF8400 44″ large format printer

Built for ultra high quality imaging and exceptional performance, the imagePROGRAF iPF8400 44″ large format printer is equipped with an incredibly large color spectrum.

Up to […]

  • accucut

Stationary Die Cutting

GrandeMARK Stationary Die Cutting

The GrandeMARK Machine takes the hard work out of cutting to let you focus on creating. Operated by hand, the roller action combined with steel-rule dies allows […]

  • FullSpectrumLaser

Laser Cutting/Engraving

90 Watt Full Spectrum Laser, 40 Watt Full Spectrum Laser

Desktop laser engraver and cutter designed for cutting/engraving many materials such as paper, 1/4″ acrylic and 1/4″ wood as well as […]

Featured Services

  • Axiom_3D

3D Printing Services

At Build It Workspace, we can print your designs in high resolution. Send us your file and your 3D prints will be available within 12 hours for pick up or may be […]

  • Ozobot Party

Events and Birthday Parties

Parties at Build It Workspace are an exciting and creative way to celebrate your child’s big day. Parties are priced at $300 for up to 10 guests. Additional guests may be […]

  • velox

CNC Router Services

With a model ready from CAD, we can make it real.  Using wood, foam, or plastic the model can be shaped into real objects.  If the part is needed as […]

  • IMG_0275

Sign Printing Services

At Build It Workspace, we offer a complete array printing options.  Print high quality, photographic quality, matte finish or print onto an adhesive backed vinyl, Build It Workspace has this […]

  • teacher and kids ipad shutterstock_143745238

Education Services

Children are important for the vibrancy of our future.  At Build It Workspace, we work with educators to create makerspaces in the school and develop curriculum.  As a resource to […]

  • Creative_Web

Creative Services

Customers can bring the original artwork, or even just a concept idea.  At $80 per hour, Build It Workspace can design a new logo, or a take a draft drawing […]

Programs for Children

  • GD Adv

Advanced Game Design

Advanced students are introduced to the physics library as they build Gravity Sling, a projectile game inspired by Angry Birds (TM). They define the behaviors of different kinds of projectiles […]

  • 3D Design Tie Fighter

3D Design & Printing Classes

Next Session begins April 30. Sign up now!

Ignite your imagination with 3D Design & Printing! Learn to use Computer Aided Design (CAD) software and 3D scanning technologies to print actual […]

  • robotic mechanisms shutterstock_315599999

Introduction to Robotics: Mechanisms & Linkages

Next Session begins April 30. Sign up now!

Understanding how mechanisms and linkages work to create movable parts is fundamental in a robot’s design. Construct animated toys with basic materials and […]

  • Wearable Tech Bookmark

Wearable Tech: Accessories

Next Session begins April 30. Sign up now!

Gain the skills to create your own wearable tech projects. In this class, we introduce basic electronics, conductive thread, and beginning sewing techniques. […]

  • tynker gg]

Game Design 1: Introduction

Next Session begins April 30. Sign up now!

Develop your own arcade games, animations, role-playing games (RPGs), platformers and more! Learn to design and create a different type of game each […]

  • GameDesign1and2

Game Design 2

Next Session begins April 30. Sign up now!

Begin designing your own games. Each class will cover a different type of game including mazes, 2D platformers, and physics-based games. Completion of Game […]