Laser etching is a great way to mark and imprint artwork or just personalize an object.  With our Laser Services, markings can be put onto all kinds of materials.  Laser cutting is another option particularly good for making complex shapes.

Below are two pricing sheets for each service.  If designs are needed, or need to be modified, please refer to Design and CAD services for further ideas. Extensive design effort may result in Creative Services charge.


  • Paper, Balsawood, Cardboard Cutting – 10ct/in2
  • Plywood, Wood, Acrylic – 20ct/in2


  • Plywood, Wood, Acrylic, Leather,- $1/in2
  • Glass, Pumpkin, 2Ply Acrylic, $1.50/in2

Email instructions with reference dimensions and files XPS, TIFF, BMP, EPS, AI, PDF, DWG files to

Laser Services : $50/hour with a minimum of $50
File preparation: $40/hour with a minimum of $40