Creating ribs for a model plane is best when done on a laser cutting machine.  With a kerf as small as .03 inches wide, precision from a laser is unbeatable.

Modelers have options for preparing the files.  The normal process is 1) scan a drawing and acquire materials, 2) create vectors of the parts, 3) nest all of the parts to ensure every piece to be cut is accounted for and set for material and sheet size, 4) cut

  1. Scanning charge per sheet is $5
  2. Vector creation per part is $5
  3. Nesting parts into individual sheets is $5
  4. Cutting charges as follows:
    1. Balsawood – 10ct/linear in.
    2. Plywood, Acrylic – 20ct/linear in.

Note that some plywoods, though thin may leave additional markings.  We recommend no heavier than light ply.  The extra levels of resin impact the cutting ability of the laser.  Please send wood plus 10% to be cut with any instructions, and copy of the payment for tracking purposes.  Balsa wood no thicker than .25 inches, and ply no thicker than 1/8th inch.

Materials not used will be returned at the end.