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About Build It Workspace

Build It Workspace offers affordable means to innovation. Get access to the right equipments, software, and resources to turn your ideas into products. We have advance computerized tools and reference libraries that are not typically affordable by individuals.
SoCal's Place to Bring Ideas Beyond Imagination

Creative Services

Our Creative Services team will help you turn your ideas into reality. Whether you are an amateur or experienced maker, Build It Workspace provides product design assistance to fabricate your idea with the most cost-effective solutions using our suite of tools and sources.

Rapid Prototyping Assistance
CAD Design Assistance
Logo Design
File Preparation

Creative Service: $80/hour with […]

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Laser Services

Laser etching is a great way to mark and imprint artwork or just personalize an item.  With our Laser Services, markings can be done on many types of materials and an excellent option for creating complex shapes.

Below are two pricing sheets for each service.  If designs are needed, or need to be modified, please refer […]

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3D Printing

Airwolf Axiom
Using the latest in Fuse Deposition Modeling (FDM) 3D Printing techniques, these machines create custom designs in a few hours.  From creating figurines to making molds, and prototyping to crafting, 3D Printing is now a staple of our society.

100-300 micron
10in diameter x 14in height
8in x 6in x 6 in
Variety of available […]

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Laser Cutting/Engraving

Trotec Speedy 400
Speedy lasers: The fastest flatbed laser engravers on the market. With maximum processing speeds of 140 inch/sec, they are the fastest and most productive laser engravers on the market.

Laser type:

Work area:
39.4 x 24.0 inch

Max. workpiece height:
11.7 inch

Laser power:
40 – 120 watts

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CNC Router

Velox CNC Router
CNC stands for “Computer Numeric Control” which means a computer controls the machining of a design you created. CNC routers perform precise geometric cuts and engravings. Instead of building layer by layer like a 3D printer, CNC routers remove material from a block to carving out the desired form.

Velox CNC Router custom built […]

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Up & Running With Vacuum Forming

Vacuum forming is a great way to make a shell from an original mold.  The purpose may be to make a chocolate or a soap mold.  Some may use it to package a toy or a tool.  Yet, others may use it to make a RC shell or even as a formed structural piece.  Whatever […]

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Up & Running With 3D Scanning

Learn how to use advanced 3D tools and software to scan, manipulate, and print in 3D. Tools that will be covered include:

1) David3D Scanning
2) Occipital 3D Scanning
4) Structure Sensor for iPad
3) Autodesk Catch

Fee: $80.
Passport Members: $60.
Contact Build It Workspace to schedule a class today!

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3D Printing Services

At Build It Workspace, we can print your designs in high resolution. Upload your file (.stl and .obj) and your 3D prints will be available within 4 days for pick up or may be delivered.

prices vary from ~ $0.60 to $2 per gram.
materials available include ABS, PLA, TPE, TPU, Polycarbonate, PETG, Nylon, and PCTPE
assorted colors […]

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CNC Router Services

With a model ready from CAD, we can make it real.  Using wood, foam, or plastic the model can be shaped into real objects.  If the part is needed as is, or for molding, CNC routing is reliable and provides for clean finishes.

Click on the button above to complete our form or email Build It […]

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Sign Printing Services

At Build It Workspace, we offer a complete array printing options.  Print high quality, photographic quality, matte finish or print onto an adhesive backed vinyl, Build It Workspace has this for you. New to our lineup is printing on Chiffon, Poplin, and Twill.  See pricing below to select an option.

Twill $30/sqft
Poplin $30/sqft
Chiffon […]

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