Creating ribs for a model plane is best when done on a laser cutting machine.  With a kerf as small as .03 inches wide, precision from a laser is unbeatable.


The typical process for preparing files is as follows:

  1. Scan a drawing – $5/sheet
  2. Acquire materials – Please provide:
    • wood to be cut (plus 10% allowance for waste)
    • instructions
    • copy of the payment for tracking purposes
  3. Create Vectors of the Parts – $5 per part
  4. Nesting Parts Into Individual Sheets – $5/sheet
    • We nest all parts to ensure every piece to be cut is accounted for and set for material and sheet size
  5.  Cutting
    • Balsawood* – $0.10/linear inch
    • Plywood**, Acrylic – $0.20/linear inch


* Balsawood should be no thicker than 1/4 inch
** Some plywood, though thin, may leave additional markings. We recommend no heavier than light plywood, no thicker than 1/8th inch

The extra levels of resin impact the cutting ability of the laser. Materials not used will be returned at the end.