FREE Workshop for Teachers and Administrators

Workshop: Bring 3D Printing to Your Classroom
When: Tuesday, Dates TBD
Time: 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM
Where: Build It Workspace, 4388 Cerritos Avenue, Los Alamitos

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 About Teach Tech Tuesday

Our program is designed to empower educators to create and design STEAM lessons that will ignite a student’s interest in engineering studies. We will discuss strategies and interactive activities that have been practiced in classroom settings, and how to gear lessons towards getting students excited about learning.

Why Go? To enhance a teacher’s current knowledge in STEAM related studies

What is it? A professional development program designed to empower an administrator or teacher to create and design courses that will inspire a student to become involved in engineering studies

How does it work? Administrators are given a 3 hour development program where Build It Workspace reviews strategies and activities geared towards interactive learning.